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Bullying Prevention

We believe that all students have a right to a safe, secure, and healthy school environment. Our school, with support from the district and school communities, is committed to promoting an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance.

Bullying Prevention and Student Behavior Intervention Activities

Prevention and Awareness Raising Strategies

  • Assemblies (DIGS overview/expectations) - beginning of year and ongoing
  • Award assemblies
  • Banners on campus promoting DIGS/wristbands (anti-bullying)
  • Positive referrals - students caught “digging” (drawings and shout outs)
  • Positive assemblies led by students (student council)
  • Morning announcements
  • Anti-bullying assemblies, cups, pencils, bracelets with anti-bullying messages
  • Posters posted and signed by students making a commitment to a bully-free school


Intervention and Support Strategies

  • Too good for drugs
  • Second step
  • Awards assemblies
  • CREW
  • Assemblies (student led/sponsored)
  • MASS leadership teams
  • Welcome wagon group of students
  • School psychologist/BEST coach



  • Assemblies
  • S.T.O.P. data
  • Student survey
  • Videos - PBIS matrix
  • Talks in classrooms through teachers and administration
  • CREW at recess - primary and intermediate


Incident Reporting

  • Administration
  • Special friends - K3
  • Teachers
  • Nursing staff
  • Classified staff
  • Social worker
  • Parents
  • E-mail - all students have access through Google



  • Assemblies
  • Parent/student events
  • Marquee
  • Website
  • Student generated newsletter
  • Open door policy
  • SSC/ELAC meetings
  • Counseling/Tulare Youth Services Bureau Services
  • Parentlink announcements