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A Message From Our Principal

Garden Elementary students

I am proud to say that our Garden School Library is in a “transformation mode” of being one of the first 21st century libraries in town. We are working hard this year to remodel our library to meet the needs of the 21st century learner. I want our library to be a place where students can be connected online for digital literacy instruction, where books are circulated to promote lifelong love of reading and learning, where students can receive personalized instruction through individual reference exchanges, and much more. 

I want our library to serve the families and community in our area. This means opening before school and after school and some evenings. This transformation will not happen overnight. I need help from you, our parents. I need parents to serve on our library committee to help make the transformation possible. I want to hear what parents and community would like to see in our new library. Gone are the days where school libraries are a quiet place to go. I would encourage you to please contact me if you or anyone you know are interested in helping make our 21st century library a reality. Please visit the School Library Journal's website, where you will see firsthand what a 21st century library looks like. 

I look forward to any ides or comments you have in developing our library! 

Thank you,

Mrs. Portillo

School Library Empowers Students

Our school library provides many opportunities for our students. Check out our library impact report to learn more!

Tulare City Schools Library Mission

The school library is an active learning hub where students use 21st century skills to engage in research and collaboration, pursue individual reading and creative interests, and develop into lifelong learners.

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